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Why LLP is better than a partnership?


The concept of LLP was established in India vide the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. This Act was introduced to recognize the flexibility of partnership and benefits of corporate bodies like company to bring together under one formation of an organization.

LLP is also a form of partnership, where the liability of partners is limited as well, as any partner will not be held responsible for the acts of other partners. In contrast, a partnership carries unlimited liabilities to the partners concerned, so they are jointly or severally liable for the debts.

We would discuss why registering your business as LLP would be more beneficial than registering your business as a partnership –

Basis of Comparison Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Partnership Firm
Separate Legal Entity LLP is a separate legal entity and can hold assets in its name. The status of a partnership firm does not have a separate identification from its partners.
Liability of Partners/Members The liability of partners is limited to the extent of contribution towards LLP, except in the case of wrongful fraud or intentional omission by the partner. The liability of partners is not limited and can expand to the personal assets of partners. The action of an active partner can hold another liable.
Number of Partners Minimum 2 designated partners are required from LLP. However, there is no limitation on the maximum number of partners. The ceiling limit on the number of partners is 20; however, a minimum of 2 partners must register a partnership.
Statutory Compliances Annual statement of accounts and solvency & annual return must be filed with the registrar of companies every year to maintain transparency. No return is to be filed with the registrar of Firms.
Registration The registration of an LLP is mandatory with the registrar of companies on the online portal of the MCA. The registration of a partnership firm is optional. The same can be registered with the local registrar; no online portal is available.
Perpetual Succession It has perpetual succession, and the partners may come and go. It does not have perpetual succession as it depends on the will of the partners.
Higher credibility Due to transparency in operation, the credibility of an LLP is higher; thus, it eases fundraising from the financial institution. A partnership firm has less credibility than other corporate firms; thus, they are preferably less.
Participation of Foreigners Foreign nationals can be a partner in an LLP. Foreign nationals cannot form partnership firms in India.
Taxation Aspect An LLP is considered as a partnership firm for the taxation aspect. The Income Tax Act, 1961 govern these aspects.

It is clear from the above facts and differences why one should choose an LLP over Partnership as it avails the benefits of partnership with higher preference.

LLP is in a far more beneficial position than a partnership. Therefore, one should opt for LLP when looking for long-term goals and objectives and are willing to jump into the corporate world without facing any entry barriers caused by companies.

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