"AJSH & Co LLP"    is now    "Mercurius & Associates LLP" "AJSH & Co LLP"    is now    "Mercurius & Associates LLP" "AJSH & Co LLP"    is now    "Mercurius & Associates LLP"

Audit Support and Preparation Services


Assurance Services

At Mercurius, our custom services are tailored to enhance financial compliance within Audit Preparation and Audit Support Services. Our experienced team handles complex processes adeptly, aiding auditors, companies and associated partners in meeting IFRS and US GAAP standards smoothly.

Years of experience have equipped us to simplify complexities for numerous CPA firms and companies. We’re dedicated to making compliance easier for them, ensuring a smoother path through intricate procedures.  


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Audit Support

We act as a pivotal support for accounting firms, aiding in the seamless execution of audits for their clients in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. Our commitment is to enhance the audit process, providing a tailored suite of services that ensures thorough and effective financial compliance within your organization.

Audit Support Services

Audit Preparation

We specialize in preparing companies to undergo audits by bridging the gap between your organization and auditors.

Our tailored services are designed to equip your company with the necessary tools and readiness, ensuring a streamlined and efficient audit process while strengthening financial adherence and organizational robustness.

Audit Preparation Services


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