"AJSH & Co LLP"    is now    "Mercurius & Associates LLP" "AJSH & Co LLP"    is now    "Mercurius & Associates LLP" "AJSH & Co LLP"    is now    "Mercurius & Associates LLP"

Non-Public Audits


Assurance Services

Being proficient in navigating the demanding regulations of US-based companies, we bring extensive experience in US GAAP compliance, supporting clients with SEC and FINRA regulations through in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements.

Being a PCAOB registered firm, we offer proactive filing strategies/requirements and flexible audit scheduling, combining industry-specific insight with a focused audit approach/methodology.

Our commitment to efficiency and professionalism, coupled with continual staff training, ensures outstanding client service throughout.


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We deliver a comprehensive set of services customized for every company. Some of the services are listed below

Broker-Dealer Audits

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) audits

Mercurius ensures RIA’s compliance with regulatory requirements and financial accuracy

Crowd-funding Audits (REG-CF)

Mercurius is a trusted Partner for Regulation Crowd-funding Compliance. We ensure that eligible companies meet necessary regulatory requirements and mandatory disclosures to provide transparency to investors.

Review & Compilations

Mercurius offers financial reporting services tailored to the client’s needs.  

Providing various levels of assurance services are


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