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News & Events


News & Events

SEBI Sets New Short Selling Rules | Ramping Up Pressure on Hindenburg? | NewsX

Date: January 06, 2024

SEBI’s latest regulations impose restrictions on institutional investors, barring intra-day trading and mandating upfront declarations for short sales. This move aligns with the Supreme Court’s recent emphasis on scrutinizing external research. While the ban on naked short selling was already in place, these measures might usher in heightened transparency and curb speculative practices within Indian markets.

The potential impact of these directives on the market dynamics remains a subject of interest, with expectations of enhanced transparency. However, the long-term implications hinge significantly on the adaptability of the market and the enforcement of these new rules.

Watch the video to explore short selling and its market implications comprehensively.

Our managing partner, Ankit Jain, renowned for his profound understanding of the share market, joins industry experts to dissect recent changes and their impact.

SC Closes Adani Court Case | Time To Probe Soros & Hindenburg Cabal | NewsX

Date: January 03, 2024

Supreme Court’s exoneration of Adani Group from Hindenburg’s stock manipulation charges. It has raised the concern that financial manipulation can bring up economic warfare on the surface.

The SC backs regulator SEBI’s probe and refuses SIT to investigate any further, which immediately influences India’s economy and the reliability of this kind of report, particularly focusing on short-selling practices.

The nexus between short selling and the Hindenburg report’s repercussions demands meticulous examination, underlining the need for transparency in financial dealings.

Check out the video for an in-depth discussion on the Adani case clearance and the potential impact of Hindenburg’s report on India’s economy,

Our managing partner, Ankit Jain, and industry expert opinions on the effect of the ongoing recession on financial sectors.

News & Events

Time To Probe Hindenburg & Soros | Adani-Hindenburg controversy | MAS LLP

Date: April 11, 2023

Recently, an interview has again brought light over the Adani-Hindenburg controversy which led to questions and allegations raised on the social and national security of the country.

Our Managing Partner, Ankit Jain, was also invited along with the various economic and political experts to share his valuable opinions on the same.

Watch the full video in which it is thoroughly explained and discussed how a JPC investigation can impact the current state of the situation with huge banking sectors falling prey to the on-going recession.

Post Budget 2023 Analysis | Highlights of the budget 2023

Date: February 01, 2023

Since the Budget 2023 has been made public, many perceptions and views have been shared. However, most views remained positive even after considering the political agendas as the Budget covers the vision of the government.

Even political analysts and financial experts reviewed the budget agenda and highlighted some of the major points which were in favor of the general public as well as all the other stakeholders. It is nowhere denied that the budget is an excellent step toward the country’s growth.

Ankit Jain, Managing Partner at Mercurius & Associates LLP, also shared his views in the big analysis.

Check out the video to see the areas he pointed out and how the Budget 2023 can be considered as pragmatic.

The Adani Ambush Explained | Truth behind the Hindenburg Research Article

Date: January 25, 2023

It’s a fact that all growing corporations often take out loans, especially to smoothen their expansion plans. And all the loan-rendering institutions or banks do thorough research about the corporation’s liquidity ratio, as any mishap can cost them a fortune too. Therefore, considering that the recent article by Hindenburg targeted only Adani would be a highly unrealistic positive view. Questioning the authenticity of Adani’s shares has also raised questions on all those institutions and the Indian market analysts.


The timing of the Adani Ambush can be seen as a coincidence, with the article publishing around the time when the shares were set to be sold, but understanding the politics around corporates; this couldn’t just be a coincidence. It cannot be denied that western powers often feel threatened whenever a third-world country tries to make a space of its own, be it an Indian-origin UK president or an Indian millionaire.

In the recent talk, along with the industry specialists and political analysts at NewsX, the bigger picture of this whole incident about the “research work” was discussed and evaluated. Do let me know what your views on this are.

New Year, New Name, but the same trusted Service Partners!!

Date: December 22, 2022.

With immense pleasure and gratitude we share the news of the firm being renamed Mercurius & Associates LLP, formerly known as AJSH & Co LLP w.e.f. December 22, 2022.

This is to officially inform all our clients and associates that, moving forward, all the contracts and projects will be signed under the new name. The change is in light of the name recorded with the ICAI membership. However, it doesn’t affect the existing and ongoing projects or their terms. The management and services still remain the same, along with the tax identification number.

“AJSH becoming Mercurius is a team achievement and a step towards the growth of the firm. It is surely an exciting period for the entire team, considering the increase in the team of experts. We hope that our clients keep on putting their faith in us like usual while we prepare for the newer opportunities.” – Ankit Jain

“The journey to this change was a bit bumpy I must say but with this name change, we have conquered many restrictions and regulations that kept our hands tied in providing the best in our potential. Having increased the number of partners and the entire team, the focus is to now achieve better results while preparing ourselves for bigger challenges now.” – Siddhartha Havelia

Diwali Celebration

Date: November 01, 2022

Diwali is one such festival celebrated all across India for various reasons, regardless of its mythological and religious relevance. And not just India but countries abroad to celebrate it as the festival of lights. That is why even the Govt. in Washington has made October the Hindu Heritage Month.

Diwali never comes alone; it brings many other festivities and celebrations to last a week. With lights burning bright across streets and roads of the cities, it brightens up not just the country but the people too.

That is why we didn’t want to miss out on capturing the festive vibes at AJSH, too. The Diwali celebration started with decorating the bays, making Rangoli, enjoying traditional dance, worshipping, and finally letting the inner dancers from each individual out on the DJ floor.

Diwali brightened up the bonds, spirits, and smiles of our family.

CCI fined Google for anti-competitive practices | Step to regulate the dominance of market giants

Date: October 29, 2022

Google paid a fine of 2,274 crores to CCI for conducting unfair business practices that hampered the right to choose for many Android OS users. But India is not the only country that attempted to regulate the dominance of Google through malpractices.

Monopoly as a marketing practice does not just impact the right to choose but also risks the privacy of the citizens and focuses mainly on the interests of the business growth only. Howsoever, Google deterred from doing anything that is against its users.

To discuss whether there are other ways in which Govt. can ensure proper regulations for such market giants, our co-founder, Ankit Jain was invited to the NewsX channel.

He, along with other experts, talked about how it is important to have a solid alternative to not let the monopoly dominate the Indian market. But considering the fact that Google offers a wide range of software solutions to meet various needs of the people, is it feasible to build an operating system in India itself?

Independence Celebration

Date: August 15, 2022

This independence day came with a long weekend for all of us, which actually provided another day off or as many felt free from the work. Therefore, to make it a bit more special for all of our employees, we decided to have team activities.

Our fun day started with a cooking competition among teams where everyone had to use their skills to prepare a dish without using any heating appliances. This was followed by flag hoisting, words of wisdom by Ankit (Director), and kite flying.

All-in-all the day was filled with the spirit of freedom and independence day, So, we decided to share it with you all while wishing you happy and prideful 75 years of independence.

Holi Celebration

Date: March 18, 2022

Bright colours, water balloons, enticing platter and melodious songs are the ingredients for a perfect Holi.

Holi, the festival of colours, happiness and joy, signifies the triumph of good over evil. Celebrating this festival brings out the happiness side of the employees and builds the warmest of bonds among teams; the AJSH family gathered together to bring the colour of positive vibes and smiles. Colourful workwear, decorated cubicles, boards pinned with happy polaroids and a galore of festivities across the office floor.

One of the most anticipated ones is the celebration of Holi in the office, where there’s colour splashed all over; the love of gujiyas and ethnicity gave delight to the team. Lastly, the DJ party marked an everlasting experience for everyone. Overall the celebration provided a remarkable experience, and everyone relished the day.

Women’s Day Celebration

Date: March 8, 2022

Empower women, empower the human community. The base on which the world stands is a woman.”

AJSH has always been a flag-bearer in providing a chance to individuals and paid tribute to womanhood’s true essence. A tiny gesture of flowers and cards made by the team for all the women at AJSH left an indelible imprint on their hearts and soul. Our co-founders, Mr Ankit Jain and Mr Siddhartha Havelia, showcased that we have achieved a milestone of 50% female workforce in our organization and will keep on building a positive workplace culture that would act as a mentor for other workplaces and poured gratitude to every female staff member for being an essential part of our family and celebrating their success; they are the future of this firm.

On this women’s day, we organized a special seminar for all our female employees. We had a very special moderator for this occasion Dr Pooja Uniyal, a renowned gynecologist. She suggested how women in different age groups should take care of themselves and take good note of their menstrual health and hygiene. The session concluded with delicious cake served to everyone and a special photo session with Dr Pooja, our co-founders and all the beautiful women of our firm.

Debate | LIC set for India’s biggest IPO

Date: February 15, 2022

IPO of LIC will boost the government’s efforts to raise much-needed cash through privatizations, which are running behind schedule.

IPO of LIC will boost the government’s efforts to raise much-needed cash through privatizations, which are running behind schedule.

Our Co-founder, Ankit Jain at the NewsX channel, spoke on India’s most significant IPO launched by LIC and whether you should invest in it or not?

He made it simple for the listeners and viewers to understand its result and how the government will be meeting its revenues by just providing 5% of the company shares to the public.

As India is pushing ahead with the nation’s most extensive initial public offering, an immense task made even tougher by inflationary concerns and a challenging global market for investors. In addition, he further concluded on money that is riding on the listing and financial packages, capital expenditures spending on budget, and government to keep raising money.

Budget 2022 discussions in the media

Date: February 1, 2022

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presents the Union Budget 2022. The government is expected to spend more money on infrastructure and health care to revive the pandemic-battered economy.

Our co-founder Ankit Jain was invited on two renowned media channels, i.e. India News and NewsX, to share his viewpoints on Budget 2022. Being a tax and GST expert, he explained that budget 2022 fascinated four pillars, i.e. productivity, climate action, financing investments & PM Gati Shakti plan.

He spotlighted that the budget has focused on PLI schemes, EV, electric vehicles, solar panels, domestic industries, digitization, banking, ease of business, shared his experience with their clients and supported the government that they look on to every sector.

To summarize, the entire budget conversation focused on different sectors of the economy that will change the lives of ordinary people.

Appearance in NewsX Channel

Date: January 18, 2022

“Success is always invited towards advancement.”

Our co-founder, Ankit Jain, was invited to share his thoughts on ‘MODI at Davos & the rise of India’s significant achievement’ on NewsX channel.

As part of a discussion, he described the priority areas India should be focusing on to achieve millstones. Main areas included Startup India, Digital India, Vaccination process, tax rates, free trade agreements, Make in India, and the world economic forum laid down India’s achievements during these extraordinary times and spoke of a few challenges.

Overall, the entire debate was not merely about perorating the concept to the mind but to create and make it happen.


Christmas Celebration

Date: December 25, 2021

“Open your heart to those in need.”

With this thought, AJSH has put forward a social initiative on Christmas to share the joy and celebration of the lives of people who have been struggling to fulfill their basic needs. As charity begins with a home, we have celebrated this Christmas with two old age homes, “Kamla Bakshi Elder Homes Society” & “Shiv Ashram” family, to show some love and smiles on their gloomy faces.

A Secret Santa always showers happiness in the face of people in sorrow; we as a family have taken this initiative to give a reflection in the eyes of those whose lives are under darkness. We have become a Santa to someone we don’t know but would love too, and have ushered their eyes filtered with the joy and happiness they have been waiting for so long. The Manager of Shiv Ashram have shared their views that they live in a refined place, but still, she is there to hold up the people of the ashram; she feels at home there.

Our team spent a whole day with them; they chattered, giggled, and played, and the smiles on their faces were priceless! They showered their kind blessings to our volunteers with cheerful hearts and sparkling eyes.

Here’s what the directors are saying:

Ankit Jain, “I am blessed that we have been part of a social initiative while spreading smiles to the elderly ones”.

Siddhartha Havelia, “As Christmas is a celebration of joy and smile of hope we as a team has given a support on this eve to the people of old age homes, feels like a special deed ”.

AJSH & Co LLP celebrates 13th anniversary

Date: December 18, 2021

A rainbow of colours unfurled on the stage as AJSH & Co LLP celebrated the accomplishment of a decade of hard work and persistence. Recognizing success builds a company’s culture that perceives employees’ effort into making it ensue. It permits employees to relax, have fun, and know they are valued. There’s nothing quite like having fun moments to bring an office together.

In the welcoming remarks, our co-founders, Mr Ankit Jain and Mr Siddhartha Havelia, recall the organization’s drive in a gist, adversity faced by it, and the countless achievements over the past 13 years appraised all colleagues for their rigorous efforts and contributions towards the organization. The day was restrained for a colourful presentation with exquisite poetry, wonderful dance and stunning ramp walk performances by the team members was a pleasing experience of the event.

Whatever the occasion, whatever be the event, engaging photo booths are much in demand, western dress and the exotic cocktail dishes gave a delight to the event. Overall the event provided a remarkable experience, and everyone relished the day.

Australian CPA added to our team

Date: November 26, 2021

AJSH annunciates the addition of an Australian CPA to the team. Chandramani Goel, Partner at AJSH, has already been certified as a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has now unfurled his ways to a new path as an Australian CPA. With his arduous efforts and expertise in internal audit, taxation, and management support services, he has been leading a large team of professionals, assisting many foreign clients across various continents. Always ready to accept new challenges, Chandramani has stood out at the organization with his initiatives for the firm.

AJSH believes that “an organization grows when each of its employees stands out of the crowd”. With this new accession, AJSH will lead towards new opportunities. Chandramani, as an Australian CPA, will now scale up the firm’s operations and set up its functioning to obtain a robust space across the Australian markets.

Here’s what the directors are saying:

Ankit Jain, “Congratulations to Chandra for achieving this new milestone and adding a new feather to AJSH.

Siddhartha Havelia, “I rejoice with Chandra for this accomplishment. We aspire to see each and every member of AJSH, grow with us and climb up the ladder.

About AJSH

With a dynamic team of CAs, ACCAs, CPAs from US, UK, India and Australia, AJSH has brought together expert accountants and auditors qualified from various parts of the world, all in one place. As a result, the firm has built up to cater to business financial needs.

Diwali Celebration

Date: November 02, 2021

“Light a lamp of love! Blast a chain of sorrow! Shoot a rocket of prosperity! Fire a flowerpot of happiness!”

Diwali is a festival that illuminates the earth and the skies and brings joy to abound on this world. It is a festival when the whole of India transcends into a land of myriad lamps. It is a Festival that unifies every religion, every home and every heart. AJSH, on Tuesday, organized a Diwali party in the office to welcome the festivities! Creativity outshined, and the premises were decorated with floral embellishments and colorful lights. Dressed in ethnic wear, the team members worked together to give it an elegant blaze. The celebration began with a series of activates like the Rangoli competition, fun games & titles, photo booth and enticing Indian dishes to delight the team. Lastly, the DJ night marked an everlasting experience for everyone. Overall, AJSH celebrated this Diwali full of charm, peace and morals, which arose a fascinating experience and everyone relished the day.

May the wishes that we send your way keep glowing like the Sun and never flicker!

Featured in Forbes India

Date: August 27, 2021

“We are pleased to announce that the company’s co-founders have been featured in Forbes India’s, Aug’ 21 edition.”

The co-founders of AJSH, Ankit Jain and Siddhartha Havelia were honoured to be a part of the interview wherein they emphasized “Driving the growth of the business by outsourcing accounting services” for the readers. The article discusses their leadership, their drive for success, and their dedication to provide clients with high-quality services.

We extend our congratulations to both of them for this achievement and for constantly inspiring us to strive for better.

75th Independence Day Celebration

Date: August 15, 2021

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”

We celebrated 75th Independence Day, including each & everyone, with lots of excitement, palate and stories of valour. The team was vitalized, pleased and energetic to make this occasion special, memorable and a tribute to our freedom fighters. We had a bay decoration competition with balloons and flags, plantation drive and kite flying that were enchanting and affecting in channelizing the essence of independence. We also had the best attire competition as the ethnic wear theme was the enrichment for the day, and it idolized the whole ambience and created an aesthetic charm. Altogether, the celebration was a day to remember.

AJSH is now CPAB registered

Date: May 17, 2021

We are proud and excited to announce that AJSH & Co LLP is now registered with Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB).

The Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB) is Canada’s independent, public accounting firm regulator and they oversee the public accounting firms that audit Canadian reporting issuers. CPAB ensures as well as monitors the quality of the audits conducted for the Canadian reporting issuers. The Canadian Securities Administrators have specified that a reporting issuer i.e. a publicly traded company must have its financial statements audited by a “participating audit firm” of CPAB. Any enterprise seeking to access Canadian capital market would need assistance from CPAB registered audit firms. AJSH is now registered with the CPAB and they are authorized to conduct the audit for Canadian reporting issuers under CPAB regulations.

This indeed counts as another milestone for the firm followed by many more in the future!

ICAEW Membership of our co-founders

Date: March 26, 2021

We are elated to announce that our co-founders Ankit Jain and Siddhartha Havelia have also gained the membership of ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) and now holds the globally respected qualification of ACA as well.

The ICAEW Chartered Accountant qualification, the ACA, is one of the most advanced learning and professional development programmes available. It is valued around the world in business, practice and the public sector. Showcasing their exemplary experience of several years of on-the-job training, series of rigorous examinations and continuing professional development, they both qualified for the membership.

We extend our congratulations to Ankit and Siddhartha for this achievement and for constantly inspiring us to strive for better.

Celebrated another year of success

Date: December 21, 2019

AJSH and Mercurius Advisory Services family gathered and celebrated its 11th year of foundation. The fun and frolic evening was full of wonderful performances by the team members. The reward and recognition event was one of the key highlights of the evening wherein the tenured employees were recognised with memento for their years of service and on the other hand, the employees who had outshined were accolade.

Our Managing Partners Ankit Jain and Siddhartha Havelia addressed everyone and exhilarated them with their emboldening set of words. They encouraged everyone to take an extra step in order to reach success and shared wonderful stories of real life heroes who succeeded due to their strong perspective and never dying attitude. The evening was concluded with everyone shaking a leg on the dance floor and enjoying the feast. All in all, it turned out to be a marvellous event for AJSH & MAS, yet again.

Diwali celebration

Date: October 25, 2019

“Sky full of fireworks, mouth full of sweets. It’s the festival of lights; everyone’s enjoying a royal feast!”

Diwali, being the festival of fun, gaiety and jollification is a sheer time to get a taste of Indian culture which is celebrated nationally with great vigor and enthusiasm. Parties bond teammates better and enhance their experience as well. AJSH proceed with their convention of playing out a dhanteras Puja to appeal God for good fortunes, thriving, satisfaction and wellbeing on this day. As a primary custom, Diwali decorations done using garland, rangoli, fancy lights and other decorative material by the employees infuses teamwork, creativity and power of innovation in the employees. Followed by different fun activities, the delicious Indian food dishes was an extraordinary equalizer and a decent approach to enable a better and more significant connections among the team. This event gave a traditional touch to the festivities. Overall, AJSH celebrated this diwali with a true team spirit which turned out to be colorful and everyone enjoyed each moment of the celebration.


73rd Independence Day celebration

Date: August 15, 2019

“Unity is strength, when there is teamwork & collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

We celebrated 73rd Independence Day with including each & everyone with lots of fun, flavor and stories of valor. The team was energized, ebullient and motivated to make this occasion special, memorable and a tribute to our freedom fighters. Office Decoration with balloons and flags was so fascinating and quite impactful in channelizing essence of independence, and for that, decoration team deserves lots of applauds. Ethnic wear theme was cherry on the cake, as it glamorized the whole ambience and created an aesthetic appeal. Entirely, the celebration was a day to remember.


Corporate Excursion

Date: August 10, 2019

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Offsites are a great way to spread gratitude to the people who embody the culture, vision and soul of the organization and contributes to the business all year long. AJSH & MAS organized a wonderful excursion to Nature Valley Resort in Manesar as a gesture of reward and recognition for the hard work performed by the team. The offsite pushed people’s comfort zones and gave them a memorable experience. It was planned out with a host of unique, refreshing team building activities to increase team communication, and improve organizational efficiency.

Investor’s Pitch Day

Date: July 25, 2019

Our Managing Partner, Ankit Jain was invited as a jury member at Investor’s Pitch Day hosted by Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies Innovation Incubation Foundation (SIIF), University of Delhi. The event served as an engaging platform for young incubators to present their innovative business ideas and form business alliances with large corporations, venture capital firms & business advisors. It gave us an opportunity to mentor their unique business strategies and innovations to thrive better. To synopsize, the entire event was not merely about perorating the notions of the mind but to create and make it happen.

International Women’s Day

Date: March 8, 2019

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women”

Every year, on March 8, the world honours the women across the globe. On this International Women’s Day, AJSH raised a toast to the true essence of womanhood. A tiny gesture of flowers and chocolates made by the team for all the women at AJSH left an indelible imprint on their heart and soul. Cake cutting by all the women was the highlight of the evening. It was followed by a game session and motivational talks for women’s outstanding contribution to tribute every powerful women of our organization. Here is a glimpse of our celebration believing every woman is a best version of herself using every opportunity that comes her way in that direction.

The New York India Business Roundtable 2019

Date: January 31, 2019

The New York India Business Roundtable 2019 was an excellent opportunity for us to meet, explore and discuss on how one can amplify business in North America, by establishing base in the New York State. The roundtable enabled meeting with the New York State Government’s principal economic development department – Empire State Development, thereby facilitating business opportunities in the New York State and North America. The roundtable was supported by the United States Commercial Services (USCS) and the Embassy of the United States of America, offering remarks on business opportunities in the United States. To sum up the entire experience, the cooperation and generosity displayed by the plethora of diverse members attending the event was in itself evident that a brighter future and partnership in this segment is approaching.


Exchanged cards in US

Date: December 27, 2018

Recently Mr. Siddhartha Havelia, Managing Partner of AJSH & Co LLP successfully exchanged cards in US. We as a service provider always strive to build strong business relationship with the ongoing as well as prospective clients in order to maintain scrupulous alliance with them and we groove on this. We believe this is an essential measure in order to grow fundamentally on every ground.


AJSH attended Indo – German Meet

Date: December 10, 2018

Our Managing Partner, Ankit Jain was invited to a networking event “German Meet Mission to India” where he associated with like-minded people and also got an opportunity to expand the business prospects for future. German Meet Mission to India is an event which is part of an export initiative promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The symposium took place to facilitate the common exchange of information between German and Indian stakeholders as well as to support a mutual interest in doing business.

AJSH & Co LLP celebrated 10th anniversary

Date: November 24, 2018

Work for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight!

AJSH & Co LLP and Mercurius Advisory Services celebrated the accomplishment of a decade of hard work and persistence on November 24, 2018. Ganesh vandana marked the commencement of the evening followed by exemplary rewards appreciating and recognizing long-service team members or those who displayed outstanding proficiency in their area of expertise.

In their welcoming remarks, our co-founders, Mr. Ankit Jain and Mr. Siddhartha Havelia recollected organization’s journey, hardships faced by it as well as numerous achievements over the past 10 years and credited all colleagues for their diligent efforts and contributions.

Exquisite poetry and majestic dance performances were the key lime lights of the evening. Everyone was transfixed by the mesmerizing shayari and guitar performance by the team members. Here is a glimpse of the evening that left an indelible imprint in the lives and mind of everybody witnessing the gala event.

and the journey continues….

Diwali celebration

Date: November 7, 2018

Diwali being one of the prestigious festivals in India is celebrated at AJSH with utmost enthusiasm and joy. This year also we all witnessed and engaged ourselves in a day full of alluring decorations, competition of best dressed attires and sublime dance performances. We all believe that festivals like these ignite the spark in each one of us to stay motivated and perform with utmost aplomb throughout the year.

Lunch Party

Date: November 1, 2018

“Appreciate where you are, what you have and who you associate with.”

At AJSH, we believe that acknowledging each other for the tasks we do is the most crucial part of keeping the team happy. And a blissful team will also be an asset for the organization. Hence, as a gesture of reward and recognition we hosted a lunch party at Lotus Leaf on 1st November’18 for the dedication displayed by the team on completion of targeted cliental mark across the globe.

Client Meet in North America & United States

Date: October, 2018

At AJSH, we believe that it is essential on the part of the management and workforce of the organization to maintain meticulous and vigorous relationship with the people we execute our business with, not just in the present but for times to come as well. Mr. Ankit Jain, Managing Partner of AJSH & Co LLP had a successful meet and greet in Haiti, North America and New York, USA with our present and prospective clients regarding furtherance of the firm’s business domain.

AJSH represented India in a TIAG webinar

Date: March 21, 2018

AJSH & Co LLP represented India in a webinar on “A Piece of the BRICS: Brazil and India” held by TIAG, a worldwide alliance of independent accounting firms on March 21, 2018 for its members. Ankit Jain, Managing Partner of AJSH & Co LLP was the presentor from our firm and contributed a presentation about India stating the unlimited investment opportunities available in India, recent initiatives taken by government to ease doing business and promote FDI in India. Also, elaborating growth drivers and reasons to invest in various sectors in India, ways to enter in India, India tax framework and a brief about our firm.

To find out more about the webinar, please find below the link to our presentation and recording from the webinar.

AJSH organized another session of learning & development

Date: December 29, 2017

By: Mr.Vijay Agarwal

AJSH invited Mr. Vijay Agarwal, a corporate advanced excel trainer who has been awarded as a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft to conduct an excel training for the AJSH team. Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Award is a prestigious award given to all the public contributors in their professional fields.

Vijay Agarwal is a Chartered Accountant as well as Company Secretary who is having more than 20 years of post-qualification experience in various industries in different verticals like Accounting, Budgeting, Financial Planning, ERP and MIS Reporting. He possesses expertise in conducting Advance Excel seminars for corporates and professionals and has conducted seminars at various branches of ICAI. His trainings helped the team to understand the excel tricks and automate complex processes of various clients by using excel tools.

At AJSH, we believe that these competencies need to be developed and strengthen at successive intervals of time to continue to the momentum of enhanced professional expertise and self-awareness.

AJSH organized a learning and development training for its team on IFRS / USGAAP

Date: December 16, 2017

By: Mr.Anshul Jain

AJSH & Co LLP organized a program for the training and development of its professional and qualified team members with regard to the adoption of IFRS and Ind-AS.

Anhsul Jain is a member of ICAI and possesses expertise in delivering corporate trainings on accounting standards adopted across globe. He carries extensive professional experience and has worked with Big 4 accounting firms (Pricewaterhouse Coopers, KPMG and Ernst & Young).

Anshul provided an insight and practical guidance on IFRS, Ind-AS and financial reporting. Since significant changes are being envisaged in the financial reporting standards, the training will help our team members in providing accounting and financial reporting advice and support to our audit and non-audit clients on a wide range of transactions and events, including adherence to new or revised accounting standards and effective management of the financial reporting processes.

India is converging to IFRS and Indian IFRS standards (known as Ind-AS). This transition from Indian GAAP to Ind-AS is a historic and a landmark change.

AJSH & Co LLP: Getting GST Ready

Date: October 28, 2017

Midson Entrepreneur Network is a platform for entrepreneurs to collectively grow, learn and collaborate. Recently, a Diwali Special Meeting has been organized to bring together the trusted people and create Networking, Learning and Business Opportunities.

Ankit Jain, Director of AJSH & Co LLP, presented a talk on GST – Implementation Challenges & Remedies. The presentation covered the important aspects of the recent changes facilitated by GST council, GST on Services from Goods Transport Agency (GTA), GST on Job Work, Sale of Pre GST stock, GST on Exports, E-way Bill, Reverse Charge Mechanism, Increased Compliances and Challenges, Other Challenges, etc.

Mr. Jain guided the mass to combat the initial challenges of GST implementation by taking professional consultancy, using appropriate software for return filing and get the Get LOU issued for exporting without payment of IGST.

Annual Party Celebration

Date: September 20, 2017

AJSH Co. LLP and Mercurius Advisory Services celebrated its 9th Annual Day on 16th September, 2017. The evening viewed wonderful performances by the employees, followed by Rewards and Recognitions. Great excitement and vibrant talents were visible all around. Here is glimpse of the event.

AJSH affiliating ACCI Business Conference on Afghanistan in Australia

Date: April 26, 2017

AJSH & Co LLP affiliating the Australian Afghan Business Council 3rd Business Conference on Afghanistan in Australia 2017 co-organized by Afghan Chamber of Commerce & Industries (ACCI) on 26-27 April 2017.

Mr. Ankit Jain, the managing partner of AJSH & Co LLP will be sharing his thoughts on how Indo-Afghan can grow together. He will be presenting the facts about how India can support Afghanistan in growing their businesses by analyzing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The conference will be attended by official delegates and business leaders from Afghanistan and Australia including Minister of Finance, Australia, Minister of Finance, Afghanistan, Ambassador of Afghanistan to Australia, Ambassador of Australia to Afghanistan, CEO, ACCI, President Afghan Dubai Business Council, CEO Afghan Logistics and Tours, Chairman Afghanistan Affairs (AABC), people from Presidents s office and economic advisers.

AJSH hosted Adam Global Asia Pacific Regional Conference

Date: April 15, 2017

AJSH & Co LLP hosted the Adam Global Asia Pacific Regional Conference in New Delhi, India from March 24-25, 2017. Each year, ADAM Global Regional member firms assemble in a different global metropolis for 2 days to share ideas, identify areas of collaboration and build relationships with fellow member firms.

Title: Mr. Ankit Jain, Partner AJSH & Co. delivered a speech on the topic – “Opportunities in India” in various field of manufacturing, real estate, infrastructure or any new Businesses.

Ankit Jain was invited to speak in the Chrysalis Entrepreneur Forum (CEF) where he delivered a 45 min speech on Opportunities in India in various field of manufacturing, real estate, infrastructure or any new Businesses.

The Chrysalis Foundation aims at accelerating the Scaling up of an enterprise, and hence has a specially designed year long empowerment program for entrepreneurs, aluminizes from this program have formed a forum for upward scaling wiz CEF.

CEF is a leading, non-Profit Entrepreneurship development organization.

It has more than 100 members from various industries such as Manufacturing, Real estate, services, consulting, etc. The members by default are owners/directors of various Businesses, having turn-over of upwards of Rs. 5 cr. CEF’s main objective is to enable entrepreneur who realize the full potential of their business & achieve sustainable scale-up of their enterprise. The key touchstones in the CEF endeavor are identifying potential, enabling capability, sustainable Scale-up and power of the collective actions.

Opportunities in India – News

Date: April 4, 2015

Title: Mr. Ankit Jain, Partner AJSH & Co LLP. delivered a speech on the topic – “Opportunities in India” in various field of manufacturing, real estate, infrastructure or any new Businesses

Ankit Jain was invited to speak in the Chrysalis Entrepreneur Forum (CEF) where he delivered a 45 min speech on Opportunities in India in various field of manufacturing, real estate, infrastructure or any new Businesses.

AJSH & Co LLP and Mercurius Advisory Services (MAS) – News

Date:September 03, 2013

Title: “Member firm of TIAG®, A Worldwide Alliance Of Independent Accounting Firms”

AJSH & Co LLP and Mercurius Advisory Services (MAS) is now a part of TIAG®, world’s 3rd alliance of independent accounting firms with more than 110 members in over 60 countries. For listing, TIAG Listing AJSH & MAS shall represent TIAG for North India.

For the second consecutive year, Accountancy Age Magazine, has recognized AJSH’s and MAS’s alliance, The TAG Alliances™, as one of the top three accounting alliances in the world. The rankings, which are based on the collective revenues of the member firms, include 21 associations and alliances. In addition to being one of the largest alliances in the world, The TAG Alliances also distinguishes itself as one of the few multidisciplinary alliances for accountants.

Composed of TIAG®(The International Accounting Group), an alliance of independent accounting firms and TAGLaw®, an alliance of independent law firms, The TAG Alliances serve the full business needs of its members’ clients. “To be recognized again as one of the largest alliances in the world is a tribute to the growth and success of our more than 260 member firms,” said Bob Sattin, President of The TAG Alliances. “Recognition from a publication as well known and well respected as Accountancy Age also shows our members and their clients, the global and professional reach their accountants have when they need to do business in other parts of the world.”

View Accountancy Age Magazine’s “Top 35 Networks 2013: The Survey”.


About TIAG and The TAG Alliances

The TAG Alliances comprise three groups: TIAG (The International Accounting Group), TAGLaw and TAG-SP. TIAG is an international alliance of high quality, independent accounting firms. TAGLaw is a similar alliance of independent law firms, and TAG-SP is a complementary association of strategic business partners. Collectively, the TAG Alliances provide accounting, legal, financial and business support services on a worldwide scale. With approximately 12,500 professionals in 260 member firms, and 500 offices in over 90 countries, The TAG Alliances serve tens of thousands of clients from all industry and commercial sectors.

ISO 2001:2008 Certification

Date: June, 2012

AJSH got ISO 2001:2008 certification in June 2012.

Nominated as member of Study Group for Upgrading of existing Accounting Standards

Date: June, 2012

Mr. Ankit Jain, Partner of AJSH & Co LLP., has been nominated by Accounting Standard Board of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India as member of Study Group for Upgrading of existing Accounting Standards on the basis of corresponding of Ind AS.


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