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Virtual Assistant Services

Experts to provide administrative support and tasks assistance.

Struggling with managing time at work?

Require experts to assist you in handling basic tasks?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is the answer to your question.

Virtual Assistants(VAs) are experts who are hired to assist their clients in handling day-to-day and other various tasks that consume a lot of time. Usually, a VA’s tasks may seem trivial and can easily skip your mind but can harm you later.

These tasks include administrative, business execution, planning, and various other tasks which can be done remotely. To fulfill their duties, VAs require access to resources and information. Therefore,  it is important to choose the right partners and service providers to share your workload

Tasks of a Virtual Assistant

Getting virtual assistance can save you from doing the following tasks yourself as they will be the ones doing it.

  • Management of meetings and timelines (calendar)
  • Email, calls, and text(chat) support
  • Data entry as well as market research work
  • Handling administrative tasks
  • Coming up with business plans
  • Accounting, invoicing, and expense tracking assistance
  • Client as well as Customer handling
  • Support in recruiting new employees

Where do we come in?

MAS has a team of professionals who have experience in providing virtual assistance to clients from various industries giving us an edge at what we do.

  • We can handle your client and customer communications, whether it is over calls, chats, emails, or social media.
  • Our experts will assist you in tracking data, reports, and documents to keep them organized.
  • Our assistance can help you in executing new business plans based on accurate market research.
  • We keep special care of important meetings and appointments which can help your business grow.
  • Moreover, we provide quick solutions and results at affordable rates to save you time and money both.

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