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Streamlining your business processes so you can focus on your core operations.

In today’s complex business arena, it becomes quite a challenge for business enterprises to supervise all their audits, accounts, and finance management on their own. Consequently, this is where we step in. As Chartered Accountants, we help small and medium enterprises or large companies in managing their finance, taxation, accounts, and payroll processing as well as assist them in utilizing their resources to the maximum extent.

Our business process outsourcing areas comprise of

  • Payroll Outsourcing: Payroll outsourcing primarily guides companies to file tax returns on time thus relieving the pressure of work, narrowing the load, and helping them get more systematic with their core business. We simplify your complications by offering highly comprehensive and quality payroll processing services.
  • Accounts Outsourcing: Our key focus areas are to cater transformational value to our client viz., process excellence-automation, re-engineering, internal/ external benchmarking, and variable pricing models.
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO): We support organizations pursuing innovative solutions and services to achieve operational competitiveness. Backed by an integrated IT-KPO approach, we focus on supplying evolutional value to our clients, beyond managing SLAs.

Our team of experts is also diligent in the preparation of Management Information System (MIS) reports.


What is business process outsourcing?

Business process outsourcing includes contracting a third party to provide specific business functions. Various operational processes are necessary to run a business; but, recruiting a permanent employee to manage each process can be costly. Business process outsourcing permits a business owner to utilize experts to handle these duties without the costs associated with hiring permanent staff members.

How does outsourcing benefit my business?

Outsourcing will not only save your money but time as well – time that can be utilized to focus on growing and improving your business. For example, a corporate executive’s time is best spent developing strategies in core business areas, not agonizing about the day-to-day activities that keep the company running.

How does outsourcing reduce business costs?

Outsourcing will lower down the labour costs, operational costs and technology costs. It abolishes the budget that would be mandatory for recruitment and training. It also reduces the need to invest in office space, furniture, equipment, human resource functions, and technology. The cost savings can enable a business to maintain lower rates, which will upgrade its competitive advantage in the market.

What services do you offer under business process outsourcing?

At MAS, our team of experts will guide you through preparing Management Information System (MIS) reports and outsource accounting functions through bookkeeping & accounting, payroll, accounts payable, AR follow-up – Aging analysis and reports, bank/credit card reconciliations, P&L, balance sheet and other regular reports, preparation of tax returns and regulatory compliance

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