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Rules for picking a company name


When you decide to start your own company, the first step it to get it registered with the registrar of companies. To do this, you need to get various documents together. You also have to think of a unique company name. In the company incorporation form, you need to at least pen down 5-10 company names that are unique and suit your business. Based on the availability the registrar approves of one name.
Before deciding on a name, you can also conduct a company name search online. There are various websites that offer services where you can check if a particular name is available or not. However, the registrar of companies across India expect an applicant to follow a few naming guidelines. Sometimes, the approval of the name can be subjective. The approval depends on the officer handling your application. It is advised to follow the below guidelines to better your chances of approval:

• Unique component: Every company name should have a unique component. For example, in Flipkart Internet Private Limited, Flipkart is the unique component. Since the name has been taken, it will not be given to any other business that exists over the internet or even related categories such as e-commerce and online solutions. But in this too, there is some subjectivity. Some ROCs may not even approve the name Flipkart Chemicals saying that a well-known internet brand Flipkart already exists. Similar sounding names will also be rejected by the ROC.
• Blacklist: The ROC will immediately reject abbreviations, adjectives and generic words. If a company uses the words bank, exchange and stock exchange, it can be rejected unless it has been approved by the RBI or SEBI.
• No common trademark: Make sure to check that there is no registered trademark by the same name on the IP India website. If it does exist, it can only be approved if you get a no-objection certificate from the owner who authorises to use it.
• Descriptive component: The company name should not describe what you do. For example, if your company is into research, you cannot include the word research in the name.
• Avoid unusual spellings: When creating a name, stay with words that can easily be spelled by customers. Also, check the spelling two-three times before submitting the documents to the ROC. A wrong spelling can cost you a lot.

Thus, keep the above points in mind during company name search.

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