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Clause 49: Stakeholders Relationship Committee

  • As one of its mandatory recommendations, the Kumar Mangalam Birla Committee propounded the need to form a board committee under the chairmanship of a non-executive director to specifically look into the redressing of shareholder complaints like transfer of shares, non-receipt of balance sheet, non-receipt of declared dividends etc.
    The Committee believed that the formation of shareholders’ grievance committee would help focus the attention of the company on shareholders’ grievances and sensitize the management to redress their grievances. The 2013 Act as well as the revised Clause 49 now mandate the formation of such a committee with broader remit to cover issues and concerns of all stakeholders and not just shareholders.
    The 2013 Act now mandates companies with more than one thousand shareholders, debenture-holders, deposit-holders and any other security holders at any time during a financial year are required to constitute a Stakeholders Relationship Committee consisting of a chairperson who shall be a non-executive director and such other members as may be decided by the Board to resolve the grievances of security holders of the company.

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