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Below mentioned are the IP benefits that a startup can avail under DIPP registration:

  • A fast-track mechanism has been set up for patent applications.
  • 80% shall be rebate availed by the startups on the successful patent application filing.
  • No compliance up to three years regarding the environmental law compliance, labor post self-certification.
  • A fulcrum for the startup India will be started with a single point of contact which will be available after site launch.
  • Total corpus of INR 2,500 crore will be the initial fund input by the government and up to INR 10,000 crore in next 4 years shall be poured in.
  • A mobile app shall be launched to help the startups to register via that app within one day.
  • Exemption from the taxation of capital gain.

This scheme initiative not only allows investors across the globe in easy searching, identification and tracking investment worthy projects, but also allows promoters to highlight their projects along with requirements like funds, technology and collaboration needs with worldwide audience.

If you are looking to register your startup under DIPP registration, we can let you a hassle free process under this scheme in order to avail the recognition and IPR benefits for your entity.