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An entrepreneur managing a growing business needs a strategic partner to lead & manage the financial aspects of the business. Our CFO may not be present on-site all the time but will always be there when you need him/her. As your partner, we don’t just play an advisory role but take ownership of the accounting and finance functions including ERP implementation, legacy accounting, and audit support. Our experience in F&A function has let us build a robust ecosystem with best industry practices. Our partner-led approach and in-depth domain knowledge benefits our clients in reducing the risks associated with F&A function. Depending on the size and the development stage of your company, we provide a flexible engagement model, enabling you to increase / decrease engagement levels, thereby giving you the opportunity of having the best CFO talent to assist you, based on your needs. Our services will help you keep your CFO costs low and minimize the risk of non-compliances, unavailability of information, lack of internal skill set, attrition of key employees, etc.

  • Retainer CFO team: We become your partner focusing on financial governance, process improvement, MIS & analytics.
  • Insightful MIS: MIS is a backbone of decision making and we design a reliable, comprehensive, comparable, timely & insightful MIS.
  • Leverage drivers of income and costs: Thorough understanding of costs and prices along with the competition.
  • Understanding monetary management: Eliminate bottlenecks in flow of money and ensure optimal cycle time.
  • Compliance: Ensure every law of the land is complied with the business requirements.


What does a virtual CFO do?

A virtual CFO is simply a part-time Chief Financial Officer who manages the finance and accounting function of a business virtually. The tasks include but are not limited to bookkeeping and day-to-day work, financial review and reporting, strategic planning and forecasting, and cash management.

What services do you offer as a virtual CFO?

We offer you following services as a virtual CFO:

  • We perform all the duties that a traditional CFO does but we work on part-time basis.
  • With the help of cloud technology, we monitor your financial health and the well-being of your business.
  • We provide you financial insights and guidance on all company related decisions and issues; and
  • We also offer you back-office services such as manage your accounts, ledgers etc.
How long will the process of Virtual CFO take?

The time required to complete the process can be as long as necessary depending upon the requirement of the client.

Does “virtual” mean that Virtual CFOs are only available online or over the phone? What if I need someone onsite?

The “virtual” in Virtual CFOs actually refers to the fact that we are not full-time employees. Otherwise we are very real. We work onsite or remotely, depending on where we can be most effective.

Do I still need a virtual CFO if I already have a controller in my company?

A virtual CFO can do all those things which a controller cannot.

  • A virtual CFO can give you on-time, accurate, and insightful financial and operational information about your business
  • He helps you create and upgrade your strategic plans and assess your organizational efficiency
  • A virtual CFO helps you take your company to next level
  • A virtual CFO assembles a skilled, professional and talented accounting staff
  • And most importantly, a virtual CFO puts together a financial package, effectively present it to your banker and get the financing you need.
What services we offer on virtual CFO?

At AJSH, our services will help you keep your CFO costs low and minimize the risk of non-compliances, unavailability of information, lack of internal skill set, attrition of key employees, etc. We mold our services keeping into consideration our client’s convenience. Depending upon where it can be most effective we can offer you an onsite work as well. So, depending upon the efficacy of the terms of engagement, we work both remotely and onsite. Our focus is assisting companies with the operational and reporting side of accounting on a monthly or weekly basis, as opposed to an annual basis. We keep a working relationship with our clients and act as their virtual finance team so that all aspects of their accounting cycle and reporting are taken care of each month.