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Corporate Finance & Investment Banking


Our dedicated team helps in unlocking and improving shareholder value through its lead advisory services and integrated solutions. As corporations and private equity (PE) firms consider mergers and acquisitions that will combine operations, they generally rely on high-level, top-down assumptions to identify cost synergies that are built into valuations. The service deals with divestments, acquisitions and capital-raising initiatives. We develop and foster relationships with clients at both shareholder as well as senior management levels to understand their strategic priorities. We then provide independent advice and direct assistance in executing client's objectives through the following:

  • Divestment of businesses: Divestment, also known as divestiture, is the process of selling business, or liquidates a portion of a business or one or more of its strategic business units or a major division. Our multi-disciplinary team can provide support work out, appropriate mix of Assets and liabilities, structures and mode of settlement of sale consideration. We advise on optimal sales structure (e.g., IPO vs. trade sale), identify and approach potential buyers and prepare necessary marketing materials. We also manage the client's due diligence process (tax, legal, financial, etc.) provide valuation advice and assist with negotiations through to the completion of the transaction.
  • Acquisitions: We help clients in identifying and evaluating potential acquisition targets which provide valuation advice and assist with negotiations. We also manage the due diligence process (tax, financial, etc.) and support clients with the procurement of acquisition finance.
  • Capital raisings: This core activity includes decisions on how to optimally finance the capital investments (discussed above) through the business' equity, debt, or a mix of both. Long-term funding for major capital expenditures or investments may be obtained from selling company stocks or issuing debt securities in the market through investment banks. Balancing the two sources (equity and debt) should be closely managed because having too much debt may increase the risk of default in repayment, while depending too heavily on equity may dilute earnings and value for original investors. Ultimately, it's the job of corporate finance professionals to optimize the company's capital structure by lowering its Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) to be as low as possible.
  • Valuation Services: Our team holds a thorough understanding of valuation. Valuations are a critical component in the decision making process for mergers and acquisition transactions, tax structuring, dispute resolutions, corporate restructuring and accounting or financial reporting. We offer complete and objective evaluation services to meet client specific needs and specialize in the identification and valuation.
  • Strategy: A central objective of corporate strategy is for executive management to define the businesses in which they should participate and the ways in which they create value within and across their businesses. Our advisory team challenge assumptions and help create strategies for the clients to grow, optimize their portfolios and improve profitability. We work with you to turn thinking into execution, to accelerate profitable innovation and digital ecosystems, deliver breakthrough innovation strategies, utilize organizations' capabilities, and help drive growth and manage risk. We create and innovative solutions through our strategic consulting services.

If you are facing any challenge along these lines, we would help you to overcome them and achieve your goals. As independent corporate advisers, we work with you to deliver strategies and processes that are impartial and uncompromised. Our client's business is our focus and we work collaboratively, confidentially with you so as to deliver the value and outcomes you want.


Corporate finance is a part of finance that deals with the capital structure of a corporate entity. It includes the tools, techniques and analysis utilized to prioritize and divide financial resources. Corporate finance comprises of activities related right from the thought of procuring finance, raising the finance when needed, allocating it into the long and short term projects, and finally deciding about distributing and retaining a portion of finance held in hand. Corporate finance is concerned with how businesses fund their operations to maximize profits and minimize costs.

Three main questions in corporate finance are:

  • Capital Budgeting
  • Capital Structure
  • Working Capital Management

A good advisor gets you a better outcome. You’ll only do the essential things like selling your company or doing a management buyout once. As independent corporate advisers, we work with you to give strategies and processes that are unbiased and uncompromised. Our client’s business is our focal point, and we perform tasks mutually, privately with you to provide the value and outcomes you want.

At AJSH, we assist our clients at both shareholders and senior management levels to recognize their strategic priorities. We then provide independent advice and direct assistance in executing the client’s objectives through valuation services and strategy.


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